Support Trump? That's a Crime!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Have you ever wanted to be a person who is looked down upon and ostracized by your peers?

By all means support President Donald Trump then!

That is the sentiment of a lot of people in this country and it should very much concern you!

During the 2016 Elections, people were concerned that their public support for Trump would backfire and sure enough it did! Those people were treated differently and shouted down in public as they were told they were making the biggest mistake of their lives voting for Trump.

Now going forward into the 2018 Elections the same sentiment is popping up. If you vote for  Trump supporter you are committing a crime against your fellow man and to the sanctity of our "Democracy."

When it comes down to choosing who the leader of a country is, it should not be based on a popularity contest! (Thank goodness the Electoral College exists or the popular vote would vote in Democrats all the time!)


In fact be proud of that fact that you support a man who is making America what it has always been----GREAT.

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