Trump is guilty. Proof? Who needs that?

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

Campaign Finance Violations.....

Why is this STILL a big deal to the media to get to the bottom of?

They REALLY want this to be the straw that broke Trump's Presidency don't they!

Alan Dershowitz calmly explains in the video above that Donald Trump could have contributed as much of his own money to his own campaign as he wanted. (Although for the record he did not need to spend a ton of money towards his campaign because his social media reach was so high that it did all the advertising and campaigning for him!)

It is truly amazing how everyone seems to think that the President just lies about everything without any proof!

What happened to innocent before PROVEN guilty? Not when it comes to Trump he is simply guilty because he exists.

That is a great 4th estate doing their "unbiased" work right?

Laughing at this nonsense will help. Trust me.

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