Acosta: The Wall is a Campaign Tool. That is it.

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Leave it to Jim Acosta to call Donald Trump a liar about another campaign promise he is breaking...

The Wall is now being used as a campaign tool!?

President Trump wanted stronger Border security and he is getting it. Funding is already set aside for it and Congress voted for it and approved some funding for it.

So just because construction is not happening and Trump's claim for Mexico to pay for it "eventually" have not come true clearly that means Trump lies---what a surprise.

This is the attitude of the Left. This is the attitude of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Jim Acosta knows that his credibility has taken a tumble and he is still clinging to attacking the President every single day for something he is not doing.

Border security and the Wall are coming one way or another. Just because the proper funding or the proper will to achieve it are not being followed through on by Congress does not make that Trump's fault.

Would you rather Trump does Executive Orders for The Wall and increased Border security?

I did not think so!

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