Social Media Stupidity Ruined NASA Internship

On Monday, Twitter user @NaomiH_official tweeted that she had received an internship at NASA. 

She was excited. She used the F-Word

One person who replied to the tweet was Homer Hickam, an author, Vietnam veteran, and the NASA engineer who trained the first Japanese astronauts. Hickam replied “language” to Naomi’s use of the word f**k.

Naomi then replied, telling Hickam, “Suck my dick and balls I’m working at NASA.” Of course, Hickam pointed out that he works on the council that oversees NASA.

Here's the exchange:

Have you learned the lesson young people? 

Twitter is a fantastic place to make jokes, engage in illuminating discussions, and yes, punk people you disagree with. However, kids need to be careful on the Internet and don't do stupid stuff. If you're working for a public institution you have to be aware. Words still matter. The people who hire you, follow you on social media. 

Welcome to 2018.

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