Andrew Cuomo: I.C.E. is a bunch of thugs

Courtesy of Grabien and C-SPAN

So first New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says that "America was never great" and now he calls I.C.E. "a bunch of thugs."

And this man still is taken seriously as a public official with any merit?

Mr. Cuomo is another example of a man who hates President Donald Trump and any policy he puts into place including securing our Border and beefing up our border security to actually protect our borders.

But with a casual remark of calling I.C.E. "a bunch of thugs" he simply tries to punk Trump.

And we all know what happens to people who punk Trump---they get got!

Replacing I.C.E. is not going to be enough for people like Mr. Cuomo because it does not fit their agenda of open borders and free reign to those illegals rather than the citizens of this country.

Nice try Mr. Cuomo but you are not fooling anyone!

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