Lebron would rather be worshiped than challenged

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox Sports 1

Jason Whitlock has been a polarizing figure in the world of sports talk for quite some time. He is strong in his opinions and loves debating with fellow sports talkers on the subjects at hand.

But then I saw this report on his show "Speak For Yourself" and my jaw hit the floor.

Whitlock spoke on Lebron James' new show "The Barbershop" where black athletes have an unfiltered conversation on life as an African-American.

In it he says that "Lebron and elite athletes like him would prefer to be worshiped rather than challenged."

He also said that even though the ratings for the show have been overwhelmingly positive that Twitter has been a more true gauge of the show.

But since they are who they are their opinions are broadly accepted and soaked up by the masses because of the pedestal we as a society have put athletes on.

I am pleasantly surprised by Whitlock's analysis showing the true nature of what "The Barbershop" really is---an attack on "The Apprentice", and an attack on those who think differently than them to shut up and only listen to them.

Your cup of sorrows needs to be poured out Lebron---maybe Jason Whitlock can help you get there faster.

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