Trump's Tweets warn of impending trouble?

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

So James Clapper wants to let everyone know that "The Walls are closing in on Donald Trump," and that his involvement in the FBI and DOJ affairs will compromise him in many ways. Can we stop using that phrase!? The Walls are not closing in on Trump. He is doing just fine right where he is.

Clapper is the same man who claims he does not know if he still has his security clearance nor does he know if he will keep it at all and still believes that he is entitled to meddle in affairs he has no business in meddling with.

Donald Trump SHOULD get involved with two organizations that have actively dismissed his entire Presidency and had active members not only try to undermine Trump's Presidency but overtly wanted Trump out of office!

The credibility issue lies with Clapper and all the others who are whining and complaining about their PRIVILEGE being taken away. 

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