Big Tech Is Silencing Your Voice

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

We now live in a country where we must tolerate political censorship!?

Does Free speech ring a bell?

Does the 1st Amendment ring a bell?

Does anything that does not align with Left leaning values get any chance to speak their mind?

The answer seems to be no for Big Tech these days.

What is deemed "inappropriate" or "dangerous" material has now been defined by these companies to filter what can and cannot be said.

The slippery slope is so obvious towards censorship it is not even funny!

Google and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and several other platforms are making the rules evidently. But why are we as citizens having to deal with it?

Your rights are not to be tossed aside by whomever deems it necessary for you to follow their platform.

Use your voice and stop these shenanigans!

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