Failed NOKO Summit was inevitable?

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

The talks between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump during the North Korea Summit were historical on several levels and looked very promising towards nuclear disarmament and or peace and or both.

The announced 2nd summit between the two countries has been cancelled as Donald Trump felt as if the talks had not made enough progress.

Is there a chance that the negotiations were going to take some time after decades of zero negotiations took place?

"No. Of course not. This President fails all the time and should be held accountable for the lies he tells."

That is the sentiment of the Left or any detractors of the President.

It is delusional to think that Kim Jong-un was just going to lie down and give Trump everything he wants in one or two meetings.

Progress is being made people--have you heard of a little thing called patience!?

Mike Pompeo has done an excellent job and Trump has the full confidence of his abilities right now.

A cancelled summit meeting may be a setback and t may be disappointing but it is certainly not a failure and it certainly does not mean that the United States has wasted its' time trying to make these negotiations work.

I say we get Dennis Rodman back into the fold again.

It is a new era.

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