Taliban Want Peace Talks!?

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Yes you read the title correctly. The Taliban want to have peace talks.

You may be wondering if this is even possible or is this just another group crying wolf over a situation they cannot handle any longer.

This fighting in Afghanistan has been dragged out for far too long and the Taliban have now publicly come out and said that they want to come to a bargaining table and help resolve this destructive conflict.

It appears as if they are officially not the biggest threat in the region now as ISIS and the collective ISIL have become bad enough to where the Taliban are essentially asking for help.

However the last time the Taliban were helped out---we got Osama bin Laden running things and we all know how great of an idea that was...

Could this actually be a real possibility of some semblance of resolution in this region? Is this CNN spouting off fake news again?

Or is this President Donald Trump proving once again that we are WINNING?

This is preliminary in nature and the trust factor is and will remain at play.

But for now there seems to be a real chance that this may indeed be the beginning of the end in Afghanistan.

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