McCain's Funeral Angers Trump?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Isn't it great to talk about the life and times of John McCain and wonder how to attack Trump at the same time?

That is what Willie Geist and the rest of the Morning Joe were discussing as they droned on and on about the great John McCain.

They spoke of the grand funeral and proceedings that were given to such a great man.

Meanwhile Trump could not even dream of getting such a warm and honored reception.

The chasm between McCain and Trump could not be any more wide or deep when it comes to the standards of leading.

Even Barack Obama and George W. Bush had nice things to say about McCain and they attacked him politically and kept him out of The White House.

Donald Trump was not even invited to the funeral by the way and does not have a lot of nice things to say about McCain.

If you have nothing nice to say do not say it at all, right?

According to these people Trump should be "better than that," and "show respect" to John McCain.

Donald Trump does a great job at truly not caring what people think about him or his decisions. He simply leads.

So to imply that he is "angry" that he will never get the funeral McCain received--well that would be a flat out LIE.

Oh wait that is what you accuse Trump of doing all the time and here you are mainstream media LYING to the American people on a daily basis about our President.

Good form. Bravo...

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