The Left can use "Monkey" references freely.

Courtesy of Grabien and MRCTV

"Monkey It Up."

"Monkey Around."

"Monkey Wrench."

These are just a few terms that are considered racist to The Left and to African-Americans.

So when Ron DeSantis uses the term on Fox News, he must issue a statement and Fox News must back track and apologize for it being allowed to air on their channel.

However in the video compilation above MRCTV shows how The Left and channels such as CNN and MSNBC not only use these types of terms with great frequency but also do it without impunity. 

This of course is the very definition of hypocrisy and double standards which no one should actually be surprised of when it comes to the majority of the mainstream media and the Left in general.

I implore you to not let these attacks bog you down.

They want to control the information they provide to you and their brand of "moral high ground" stands on a foundation of sand.

This is garbage and it must be called out!

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