Nike Missed Its Mark Using Kaepernick

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Colin Kaepernick and Nike--two peas in the same Social Justice pod. They are now forever linked to the National Anthem protest and for hurting the brand known as the NFL.

With TV ratings and merchandise sales going down, Nike appears to have missed their mark when it comes to overall branding of their product and their message.

Former pro basketball player Brock Gillespie spoke with Fox and Friends about what Nike and Colin Kaepernick have actually accomplished with this ad and this marketing campaign.

"What has he actually sacrificed?", said Gillespie.

The truth is that now this has become a line in the sand when it comes to what side you are going to take in this controversy.

If you choose Nike you openly embrace the message of Kaepernick, protesting the flag and protesting our President.

If you go against Nike, you embrace Trump and our flag and our overall want to not be thwarted by social justice dreck.

This is what the Left does so well--they divide.

If you speak out against Nike and Kaepernick and the NFL the message is "Nike will be just fine," and "I guess don't watch the NFL then."

I can choose not to wear Nike gear AND choose to watch the NFL and choose NOT to accept these protests as valid.

I CAN choose to say these protests are wasting my time and I can CHOOSE to scold the NFL for making dumb decisions towards handling this!

Just because I don't go with YOUR flow does not mean I go against the current.

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