Obama Stoked The Fire Of Racial Hatred

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Want to know who used racial politics throughout his entire time in office and stirred up the cauldron of hate that helped divide our country along racial lines more than any other President?

It was Barack Obama. Not Donald Trump.

Barack Obama spent most of his 8 years in office telling the world that the United States was not the greatest country in the world. He also spent that time telling people that race relations were getting better when in reality they were getting worse.

He also spent his time lying to the American people about "Hope and Change", when all we really got was change that made us hope for better leadership, better policies and a better America.

But that goes unreported because he was "The First Black President" that could do no wrong and was going to fix our country morally, emotionally, spiritually, economically, fiscally, and globally. "The Chocolate Jesus" was going to save us all and that was the narrative they stuck with his whole tenure in office.

In reality Obama set this country back to the point where it needed to be repaired by a complete outsider to Washington. Being blinded by the haze of D.C. and the swamp of ineptitude was no longer an option for the American people.

All Donald Trump does is accomplishing more and more success. So instead of empty promises he delivers and expects to keep delivering.

The stoking of racial fires by Obama is fleeting and should be disappointing to the Left. But they truly just don't get how wrong they have been backing a man who was only out for himself and not for them.

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