Obama: Trump's Unprecedented Behavior Isn't Good

Courtesy of Grabien and NowThisNews

If you thought Hillary Clinton complaining about "What Happened" in the 2016 Election, wait till you hear how the Left is in such a panic these days that former President Barack Obama is showing anywhere and everywhere to get the message out that Democrats are going to fix everything and that Donald Trump is ruining everything that was built.

So when he means "ruining everything" he means the complete dismantling of what was "accomplished" during the Obama administration.

Desperation time! All hands on deck. If this is the second coming of the "Chocolate Jesus", it is falling flat. Too cool for the "New Left" to embrace? It’s tired. It is a lazy retread of failed sound bites. Blah.

Is this all they have?

Unfortunately for them--YES--this is all they have.

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