Hurricane funds reallocated to Border? Resist!

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

This appears to once again be another attack on Donald Trump for something he "failed to do."

Re-allocating funds to Border security from Hurricane funds seems to be a red flag for several including Senator Jeff Merkley.

He said that the money being moved was helping rip children away from their parents and called this action coming from a "dark place in the heart of the Trump administration."

When 10 million dollars in a pool of billions gets reallocated nothing is often said. But once again this is Donald Trump and he is under a microscope for EVERY decision he makes.

So he can't support the funding for the Border and continue to aide hurricane funding?

That answer for Senator Merkley and others is no because they do not want funding going towards a Border idea that they do not want.

Let us know when you stopped Obama from reallocating funds towards his policies...

No answer? Not a surprise.

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