Obama bombed Flint because it was Black?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Michael Moore claims that President Donald Trump is going to be the last President this country will ever have.

That line of thinking must mean that he must have loved everything Obama did right?

In the video above Moore points out that a bombing test took place in Flint, MI as "target practice."

The Obama administration bombed an area in the United States that was severely under reported or not reported at all.

The panel was shocked at this claim and claimed they had known nothing about the incident but overall simply said that they should have been informed.

Another claim that was made by Moore was that this area was primed for tests like this because of the amount of abandoned buildings and the demographics being "majority Black."

Moore passed this off as a talking point to continue the conversation and not an abrupt swerve into the overt racism mentioned in that statement.

Imagine if President Trump would have done the exact same thing to Flint...

Racism? Yes.

Claims of dictator-like tendencies? Yes.

Demands for action and impeachment? Yes.

But because Obama did this---it happened a long time ago---oh well.

At least it was finally talked about thought, right?

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