Michael Moore: Give Up The Electoral College

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

Are you satisfied with the notion that the 10 most populated cities would be able to choose our President every four years?

If so then the popular vote is a great idea.

However if you come back to reality and realize that every person in every state in America matters--then the Electoral College is the ONLY way the system works.

This is typical Liberal thinking of wanting a system that favors them to be implemented rather than the process of the rules that have been in place for YEARS.

The panel on The View of course eat this up because it gives a sense that their influence and power would cater more towards their way of thinking to not have people like Donald Trump get elected.

If the popular vote was ever the law of the land we would see Democrats win every major election and see Democrats mold the country into the system they want--their system.

The Founding Fathers were geniuses when they put the Electoral College into place when they placed it that famous and important document...what is it called?

Oh yea that's right-- THE CONSTITUTION!

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