Obama: Fox News Fans The Flames Of Hate

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC News

The Fake News that is running rampant across certain media platforms was not the focus of attacks from former President Obama as he made a speech in Ohio.

Instead President Trump said that President Donald Trump and a certain network (Fox News) fanned the flames of hatred and anger. He might as well have thrown racism and bigotry in the mix since that is what the Left thinks of Fox News as a whole anyways.

Obama making his tour to help Democrats and attack republicans is tired and stale and only adds to the mediocrity that the Left has fallen into for several decades.

Obama still believes he has influence and power and the left is grasping at straws (not the ones that are banned in California) to seek out anyone they find credible and worthy of following.

The mindless drones on the Left need their savior Obama back.

The rest of the country stepped away from that altar and decided that real results were a better choice than blind faith.

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