Keith Ellison Abuse Goes Ignored By Dems

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

What happens when a Democrat calls out behavior on the Right but refuses to call out actions that are similar, more credible and reside on the Left?

That is called hypocrisy and a blatant form of double standards.

Brett Kavanaugh had an accuser from 36 years ago who has not testified, that has no witnesses and that directly attacks a nominee to the Supreme Court that the Left does not like.

Keith Ellison had an ex-girlfriend with video proof of alleged assault along with a witness to said video corroborating the story putting him at the scene and culpable to the attacks.

Cory Booker admitted to attacking a woman. In public!

Where is the Left? Where are their cries for justice? Where is your claim of telling those men to shut up and stand up to Ellison and Booker Senator Hirono!?

You have nothing to say. Why? Because that does not fit your argument and does not fit your standard for you weak platform built on sand.

You have no standards because you have no morals. You have no conviction because you have no real sense of what is right.

You want to say the Right has been brainwashed---no it is the Left that has been brainwashed and reduced to this evil behavior.

It must not be tolerated and it must be called out!

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