Gingrich: Dems Desperate Enough To Break Rules

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Desperation is running wild on the Left and no one should be surprised by it at all!

This campaign being waged by the Democrats has been described in many different ways. However Newt Gingrich states that "The Democrats are so desperate that they will lie, smear and break Senate rules" to stop this confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS.

It really is troubling times when one party wants to derail a nomination process over allegations and accusations. That is all this is right now.

Joe Biden even said back in 1991 that the FBI would not come up with anything conclusive on these types of matters.

So why would an FBI investigation matter now? Is it because you want it to matter? Or is it because you want the "facts" to come out?

The delay tactics are indeed shameful and will continue to be called out for what they are---wrong.

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