Kavanaugh Hearings The New Norm?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

The entire process over the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings procedure has been an absolute nightmare all around. But now we have the added notion of all of these allegations and accusations against Kavanaugh with the Ford testimony.

It has been taken to a whole new level from the Democrats to truly ruin Brett Kavanaugh. They want to ruin him not only professionally but personally as well.

Senator Lindsey Graham however made a very bold statement when answering questions from the media.

He said to Democrats, "If this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees."

The gauntlet has been thrown down against all Democrats with shady items from the past and the present.

These are strange times where a man is considered guilty before proven innocent and allegations with major gaps from 35 years ago are considered golden truths.

Let the circus roll on!

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