Graham: FBI Investigation Is Done. Can We Vote?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Throughout the entire process of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and testimonies the left got exactly what they wanted.

They got the FBI investigation they so desperately wanted to continue the delay of the vote for Brett Kavanaugh into the SCOTUS.

Senator Lindsey Graham has been nothing short of a leader with his reluctance to give in to the tactics of the Left and to fight back for Kavanaugh and for the process as a whole.

Well now that FBI investigation is done. It is inconclusive but it is done. But Joe Biden back in 1991 reminded us that nothing of that report from the FBI would be conclusive.

So Senator Graham very calmly says that he is ready to vote.

So what is going to be the hold up now?

Not enough time elapsed? Not enough people were interviewed? No conclusions were made?

Everyone knew this was going to be the outcome!

Time to stop playing parlor tricks on the American people and it is now time to vote!

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