The Media Admits To Acting Emotionally!?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

MSNBC and CNN have been absolutely torn to shreds by several people including President Donald Trump as being "Fake News" and "biased reporting."

Well now they freely admit that that is EXACTLY what they do!

During The Morning Joe Mika Brzezinski, in what can only be described as a massive slip up, admitted that they in the media get EMOTIONAL when reporting stories particularly in the case of Brett Kavanaugh or Donald Trump.

This is also the same woman that said it was the media's job to control what the American people think...

If this is not proof positive that what you watch on MSNBC and CNN, save for maybe breaking news coverage, is a load of utter nonsense.

Last I checked REPORTING the news did not mean getting emotional and putting your own slant on it.

And yet half the population takes your "news" as legitimate!? 

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