Conservativve Circus Clown of the Week: Avenatti

On Friday, Sen. Susan Collins called allegations made by Michael Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick, “outlandish.” Swetnick, whose reputation has taken a beating this week and who many believe is not credible, accused Brett Kavanaugh of taking part in efforts to “gang rape” girls in high school. 

Swetnick alleged that Kavanaugh was present during a party in which she said she was a victim of gang rape.

“This outlandish allegation was put forth without any credible supporting evidence and simply parroted public statements of others. That such an allegation can find its way into the Supreme Court confirmation process is a stark reminder about why the presumption of innocence is so ingrained in our American consciousness,” said Collins in her Senate floor speech.

Avenetti’s client list includes Swetnick, and porn star Stormy Daniels. Avenetti has been in the center ring of the Resistance Circus since President Trump was sworn into office. For this and so many other reasons, Michael Avenetti is the Conservativve Circus Clown of the Week…

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