Grassley: Mob Rule Cannot Win!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

"Control of a political situation by those outside the conventional or lawful realm, typically involving violence and intimidation."

That is the very definition of Mob Rule and it has infected our country to its core by the radical Left.

Senator Chuck Grassley has been a string defender of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and wants to see a man with an impeccable record be treated as a capable SCOTUS nominee.

Zero Corroborating Evidence.

This is the cry for the defense of Kavanaugh.

But ever since the 2016 Election, "The Resistance has existed and has been centered on Capitol Hill," said Grassley.

It has been deplorable behavior by the Left and they know it.

The worst part is they simply don't care.

They will back the behavior of Kavanaugh protesters rather than see the evidence in front of their faces.

Sad but true.

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