The ACLU Has Joined The Resistance Movement

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

When a former ranking officer in an organization says that it has become saturated with radicals that have changed the very fabric of the organization---I would say there is more than just an image problem going on.

It is true that the ACLU is not only a shell of its former self but a drastic desperate change by the Left to be weaponized into political currency to be used against all who oppose them.

Former Vice President Michael Meyers says, "The ACLU has become like the NAACP."


That is a damning comment for sure!

Being associated with the Resistance Movement is not a pillar to stand on but rather a scarlet letter to never be forgotten by.

Going against civil liberties and presuming guilt over innocence are not going to go over well long term.

The public may be blind to it like so many other things but when the ACLU is rotting from its very core---it is time to stop it at it's roots.

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