Global Warming Leads To Terrorism!?

Courtesy of Grabien and CBS

Some people not only in this country but across the world believe the greatest threat to the human race is the concept of global warming.

While Al Gore has been a champion for the movement others like Bernie Sanders and New York Times Climate Expert Somini Sengupta are trying to educate people of the dangers surrounding global warming.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Sengupta made the huge leap in connecting global warming to future terrorism, death, and war across the globe.

First of all for those of you that believe global warming is a bunch of nonsense, scare tactics such as this should not make you come on board to joining the cause.

Second, the Earth has been chugging along for a long time and she has shown that she can take care of herself.

Finally the notion that fear-mongering people into submitting to your will is also not conducive to gaining support.

Get the clocks ready for the new 2040 apocalypse because 2012 was such a true prophecy...

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