Rove: Sinema is the Todd Akin of 2018

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Kyrsten Sinema looks to be a candidate in real trouble if comparisons to Todd Akin keep being brought up.

That is the precise comparison Karl Rove made on Fox News commenting on all of the attacks Sinema has made from her past about the state she wants to represent in the Senate.

How are you supposed to get votes from people you call "crazy?"

How are you supposed to inspire confidence when you call Arizona a "meth lab" and "steals water from Colorado" and "Lindsey Lohan famous?"

This is supposed to make me vote for this person on what grounds?

These quotes suggest that this person despises Arizona and wants nothing to do with it.

Why did she come back to Arizona if she hates it so much?

These are all good questions one should ask when considering voting for someone like this.

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