Sinema is NOT a proud Democrat.

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Kyrsten Sinema is running as a Democrat for the state of Arizona.

However when asked how proud she is to be a Democrat her answer slides into people losing faith in the two main political parties.

Then she doubles down and says she IS a proud Arizonan!?

This is the woman and Senate candidate that has called Arizona, "Crazy", "a meth lab of Democracy", and "Lindsey Lohan Famous" that "steals water from Colorado."

Does this sound like an individual that is PROUD to be a resident of that state?

No it does not!

Kyrsten Sinema's double talk is nauseating and is a perfect example of why people have lost faith in politics.

Candidates like Sinema must be disposed of at the voting booth.

Act accordingly and call this kind of nonsense out.

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