Paid Invaders? Guatemalan Caravan AstroTurfed!

In case you missed it, here it is again with English subtitles!

Excerpts From Gateway Pundit

The caravan had approximately 1,300 people on Monday and managed to balloon in just two days, tripling the number of people heading northbound towards the U.S. border just in time for the midterm elections.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the Hondurans were spotted in Chiquimula, Guatemala marching through rain, determined to make it the Mexican border.

Because the migrant caravan has grown to over now 5,000 people, the Mexican government has sent an additional 500 police to its border with Guatemala, reported NBC News.

Just how did the migrant caravan get so big in just a matter of two days? Footage surfaced Wednesday of Honduran women with children being given cash to join the caravan.

Update: The Mexican Goverment has sent the police to their southern boarder to engage the invaders.


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