AZ Republic Cartoonist Steve Benson Crossed A Line

An Arizona Republic cartoonist with crayon in hand scribbled out what could be one of the most disturbing images I have seen in a while.

Krysten Sinema with the American and Arizona flags in one hand and a rocket launcher in the other. She is smiling I suppose because she successfully downed an A-10.

The cartoonist, clearly a Sinema sympathizer said more in that cartoon than all of the conservative pundits combined. You see, the A-10 is a symbol of fighting for our troops on the ground – something Martha McSally did, something Krysten Sinema would not do. The A-10 is a symbol of American ingenuity – Sinema disdains American industryas much as she disdanes Arizona.

The A-10 is brute force in the face of evil – Sinema would melt in the face of evil. Hell, she might even offer evil pallets of cash, in the middle of the night. The A-10 serves the men and women who have put themselves in danger for us – Sinema serves those who sit on their coaches eating-food-stamp purchased Doritos. She serves those who are dependant on us.

There is nothing funny about an image of an A-10 in flames, but I have to thank the hack with a crayon for reminding all of us just who Krysten Sinema really is and why she can’t win.

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