Andrew Gillum Lied To The FBI

Florida Democratic governor nominee Andrew Gillum refused to answer on Sunday if he paid for tickets to the Broadway show Hamilton. His campaign has repeatedly said he got the tickets from his brother. Records released today show he got the tickets from an undercover FBI agent.

The Miami Herald is reporting that text strings showed that Gillum was likely aware that tickets to "Hamilton" were paid for by Mike Miller, a fake developer who has since been unmasked as an FBI agent. That information differed with his explanation that he got his ticket to "Hamilton" from his younger brother, Marcus, who he said had traded passes to a Jay Z concert to Corey in exchange for the Broadway seats. The texts also showed that he stayed in a New York hotel room purchased by Miller.

Will Florida voters give Gillum a pass? Well, Democrats sure did give Hillary a pass? The media has picked another charlatan to run against rule of law. They have to because fraud and duplicity is all the Left has. That and the race card! 



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