Media Badly Wants To Blame Trump For Bomb Threats

Courtesy of Grabien, CNN and MSNBC

Want some proof that the media is totally biased against President Donald Trump?

They already have decided that the bomb threats are indeed his fault. Why?

Well clearly they say his rhetoric and calls for violence and hatred speaks volumes.

And look at all the targets that have been selected...

All overt and public opponents of anything Donald Trump related!

However folks these are their opinions and not the facts. Did they report on the ISIS flag that was seen on the packages? Did they report on the signs that point directly at one particular alleged perpetrator might be too obvious to just take as fact whole-heartedly?

Of course not. They hate Trump. They will do whatever it takes to make him look bad and blame him for everything.

No rational individual wants to do harm to someone that disagrees with them. This is scapegoating to its core and it needs to be called out.

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