Pence: Turn Around Caravan! You Are Not Welcome!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Vice President Mike Pence could not have been more clear to the migrant caravan saying "Turn Around."

The military has been sent to the border to prepare for the migrants seeking to get into this country for help.

This government will not allow this country to be flooded by illegal immigrants.

Why is border security such a foreign concept?

Why is it that when a President and Vice President publicly tell the country this is what we are doing that there is such backlash?

The Left's answer is because it is our responsibility to help these people that are desperately in need.

This is our problem why!?

Mike Pence wants what is best for this country. Quite frankly what is best for this country is to protect our border and not let these immigrants walk in freely without repercussions.

Is that why their trail seems to have them heading towards the sanctuary state of California!?

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