Obama: No One In My Administration Got Indicted

Courtesy of Grabien and C-SPAN

I have a very simple question for Barack Obama when it comes to his statements and taunts to President Trump on indictments.

Why do you think no one in your administration got indicted?

Heard of Fast and Furious?

Or how about the IRS scandal?

Benghazi ring a bell?

I could go on but you sir in the famous words of Henry Davis need to "Sit yo ass down!"

No one wants to hear this tired argument that you were the greatest President in our lifetime and Trump is a disaster to the office and an embarrassment to the country.

We all know that you think this way and your followers and supporters in your party agree with you whole-heartedly for fear of exile from their peers.

You have already done enough damage to this country and simply speaking trash about the President does no favors to yourself or your party!

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