Obama: The Rich Will Do Anything To Keep Power

Courtesy of Grabien and C-SPAN

This man has the gall to say that "rich people will say whatever it takes to keep their stuff and their privileges?"

Let me tell you something!

The Left has so many rich donors and backers in their entire process that THEY are the ones who will do and say whatever it takes to keep their agenda going and suppress their voter base into thinking that big government and oversight will keep them safe and keep those in power with more room to grow their influence.

You say you want to be more progressive? How is it that keeping people in multiple low income jobs,"affordable healthcare" that costs others money to pay for it and a sense that social issues are more important than economic issues because money is bad!?

The Democrat Party thrives on taking YOUR money to keep you down while enjoying their lifestyle of rich and famous using your benevolence to their advantage!

This is yet another example of Barack Obama being full of it! Call this out whenever Democrats spew this nonsense! They do not care about you or respect you. 

They will take your money though....

They will keep you down. When they go high you stay low looking up at them for answers...

Is that any way to live?

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