Trump Is A Demagogue Of Epic Proportions?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

"The single greatest demagogue in American history."

Those are the words Steve Schmidt said on The 11th Hour hosted by Brian Williams.

How is Trump causing more damage to civility and culture in this country?

Former President Obama went around the world apologizing to world leaders, forcing products to be bought by the American people, raising taxes, helping create more need of the government where it did not need to be and also made race relations more divided than they had been in decades.

However because this is Donald Trump and he calls out hypocrisy and double standards and flips the norms over for the media and the supporters of bad policies---THAT makes him a bad guy.

And furthermore having a new tone from the Left is a rich term since they applauded when Barack Obama wanted a new tone and failed in that regard as well.

President Trump may be polarizing but he leads and does not hold back when it comes to being a strong one at that.

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