Republicans Have Anti-Immigrant Tendencies?

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

When we as a country discuss the topic of immigration most people believe that a legal system of entering the country is the way to go.

However crashing into the country ILLEGALLY and without regard for consequences and rule of law IS a big deal and problem that must be addressed in order to deter illegal immigration.

Republicans do not want open borders.

Republicans do not want illegal immigration.

Most importantly Republicans want what is best for AMERICANS.

We do not owe immigrants anything people!

They want to come here legally and be a part of the great country of the United States of America they can do so the proper and legal way.

Saying that Republicans have a "reflexive anti-immigrant perspective" is just downright wrong.

We just want there to be some law involved when protecting our own borders!

But the Left wants to take the moral high ground (which they do not often if ever truly have) and use it to bully their motives on others.

Don't let them tell you that having borders is a bad thing!

Sanctuary cities are making things worse and they fully endorse those!

If anyone is enabling bad behavior it is the Left as usual.

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