Obama Wants Conservatives To Be More Like Him

Courtesy of Grabien and The Hill

Of course former President Barack Obama would be the one to be the moral compass of politics right?

What he says speaks volumes to a distinct group of people.

Obama has been outwardly critical of President Trump with great consistency but now he wants everyone to know that Conservatives as a whole need to do better and are capable of thinking like he does.

Last I checked being a Democrat and being a Republican meant two very different things.

Even Senator Jeff Flake said it is not advantageous to reach across the aisle anymore.

But Obama feels as if once again the Republicans and more specifically Conservatives need to change how they feel about the border policies being implemented by President Donald Trump.

Is he talking about the ones that are on the books that he himself did not choose to enforce?

This country has heard enough from this man and his failed Presidency. Go away!

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