Watch Katy Tur Get Triggered / Schooled by Pundit

From News Busters

For anyone who’s at least semi-regularly read NewsBusters, they will know that MSNBC’s Katy Tur has shown her liberal credentials in tussling with conservatives and even struggled with facts many times. 

Both surfaced Thursday afternoon when she told conservative talk radio host Erick Erickson that it’s “offensive” to suggest that “both sides” should cool their rhetoric following Wednesday’s mail bombs to actor Robert de Niro, CNN, and friendly liberal politicians. Rather, Tur argued that a “toxic political environment” only arose when Donald Trump began his presidential bid in 2015.

I missed this when it first aired but find it very interesting. The left is hot to blame every negative thing going wrong in this county on President Trump conveniently ignoring the left's history of violence in this country. I am not of the camp that believes that everyone needs to take a step back. The left needs to take a step back. They are responsible for most if not all of the political violence that takes place in society. President Trump is of their creation. He beat their candidate and now they are the resistance. 

Go figure.

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