Flashback 1993: Harry Reid Says No To Illegals

Courtesy of Grabien and C-SPAN2

Back in 1993, Senator Harry Reid had some common sense when it came to illegal immigrants coming into this country. He stated that "no sane country would allow illegal immigrants citizenship."

Fast forward to the end of his term in the Senate when he towed the party line and was for open immigration and to allow anyone and everyone to come into this country.

What changed?

Was it Harry Reid changing his mind?

Was it the Democrat Party that became radicalized?

Was it Barack Obama that transformed the Democrat party into an even further radicalized body on the verge of socialism?

It is a combination of all of those.

When we stand on principles and standards a word has to come to mind when following them. That word is conviction. And quite frankly the Democrats lost all of their conviction and traded it in for group-think.

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