WATCH: The Left Dials Up Rhetoric Yet Again

Courtesy of Grabien, CNN and MSNBC

Was it not former President Barack Obama that said we were going to be about "New Tone" after the Gabby Giffords shooting?

Why is it that Democrats feel that "toning down the rhetoric" must happen only when it suits their narrative?

The reason is obvious people.

The Democrats have double standards and they do not have to play by the same rules and standards as everyone else.

They feel as if they have moral high ground and are the gauge of civility and the compass for the country.

The Left sees what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and feel as they want to feel. They are the only ones that matter and to anyone that will listen to them and soak in all of their nonsense they too can be on the high ground with them.

The Left is one word...PATHETIC.

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