Dumb Don Lemon Doubles Down On Racist Stupidity

Not sure what’s worse: (a) that he said it, (b) that he’s trying to defend it or (c) his statistical analysis. Why would Lemonhead start his data in 07 & end it in 16? Targeted data collection? 


What Lemon doesn’t get is that he is contributing to creating divisions and CNN is encouraging it! If it were anyone else or any other media outlet, Lemonhead would be off the air. Megyn Kelly was fired for far less. Double standards, people!

What are the cold hard facts about Black on Black Crime, Don? Let's talk about the Black abortion rate. Let's talk about minority crime statistics. Let's talk about minority dropout rates in government run schools. 

Don Lemon is a racist tool for the Left and is truly the dumbest talk show host on TV.

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