WATCH: Media claims Trump = Hitler

Courtesy of Grabien, CNN and MSNBC

The media has been prone to hyperbole for what seems like forever in their analysis of situations.

However they have now gotten to the point where they blatantly compare President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

In the parody ad above the Left shows no shame in making these comparison without repercussion.

Imagine if Fox News were to compare Barack Obama to Hitler...there would be cries of racism and inappropriate references and downright scrutiny towards the integrity of the reporting.

But this is the Left and in their world they make the rules and say whatever they want without any care in the world.

Who are the people who fear-monger and tell people whatever news to pay attention to and what things to care about in the world?

The Left led media who wants to control what you think and what you see via their coverage, analysis and opinion.

Disgusting to say the least! 

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