Lemon: Trump's Language Divides Us

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

President Trump is bringing this country back to being great again.

Even that statement gets people fired up on both sides saying that it is too divisive saying that either America was ever great or that it needs to be made great again.

Leave it to Don Lemon and news people like him to propagate the notion that Trump's language is not good for this country.

So a booming economy and not taking any nonsense trying to take advantage of us are bad things?

What about the rhetoric and violence and hatred that are spewed all over your network and others like yours Don!?

Saying that Trump is responsible for tragedies in this country based on his words is irresponsible propaganda used to further your sick agenda of power and control which you have freely admitted is you goal!

President Donald Trump has strong words to help this country. Those words may not sit well with you but they seem to be making this country stronger aren't they?

How about covering the news rather than bloviating about how bad things are from your cushy studio?

How about being objective rather than blatantly bias towards everything Trump does? Can't do that?

Well then I guess we will call you out for the behavior similar to clowns in a circus---all style and no substance.

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