Trump Is Destroying The Obama Legacy

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Did you love the 2008 election? Did you enjoy heavy government oversight? Did you love being forced to buy a product you did not want?

How about being a part of an apology tour to other world leaders telling them we were dialing back our influence? What about the border having openness to any and all element who wanted to take the benefits of this country and take it back to their own country?

Do trade deals that significantly benefit everyone else except the United States? Or perhaps you really wanted to know that you had to work multiple jobs to get by but if you made too much money you were penalized with other costs that you did not have prior to 2008?

All of these questions were propped up pieces of reality for at the time President Barack Obama.

President Trump has turned every one of those around except totally get rid of Obamacare. (Which was going to be hard with all of the entanglements that monstrosity unleashed on our country.)

The point is that Trump took us out from under the rock of insanity and brought us back to prosperity and of course "Making America Great Again."

Thanks Obama for showing us that you truly were the worst President this country has ever had.

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