WATCH: SNL Slam Caravan Coverage

Courtesy of Grabien, Fox News, Mediaite and Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live desperately wants you to find them funny with political satire and their obvious bias against Donald Trump.

This is evidently not working given that the material is not particularly that funny and their blatant approach to find anything Trump does offensive and vile shows in their skits.

Is everything bad on a comedy front? No. 

But did you see SNL make fun of Barack Obama when he was in office. Not really if ever at all.

But now that the Left is not in power they feel as if they have carte blanche to do whatever they want as long as they are attacking President Trump.

Want to know why SNL is not very good these days? The answer is the never-ending attack against a President that has been beneficial to the progression of success for this country.

I am not against satire just make sure it is good comedy and not just a hack-job full of unintelligent garbage.

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