Still No Answer For How To Pay For Healthcare

Courtesy of Grabien, Twitter and Real America with Jorge Ramos

The Left has all of these grand plans to "fix" the country and want to sell you on an idea rather than the process and results of that concept.

Jorge Ramos interviewed Ocasio-Cortez and had a top ten list of questions to ask her about things she wants to accomplish.

The main sticking point shown in the video was Medicare and how to pay for everyone to have it.

She of course side-stepped the question and said we should just be able to afford to do it.

This is of course because the Left does not have an answer for that question except "make the rich pay for it."


I bet that if people saw a written plan for how to accomplish such lofty goals they may actually give you a vote to see if you can implement it.

But since the party of "hope and change" decides to not answer anything directly this is what you get as constituents.

All that you get are empty promises and no results.

That is the Democrat party and a vote for them is a vote for this kind of leadership.

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