Facebook Demands I Use My Slave Name - Or Else!

For the second time this election season, without warning, I find myself in Facebook's jail. I can’t complain too much though – I am in good company. Seriously, ending up in the Facebook jail is a badge of honor. Facebook has been shutting down traffic to conservative websites since the 2016 election. 

Here’s the problem, badges of honor don’t win elections.

The fact that Facebook has targeted conservative content should not be a surprise, however 2018 has been a bloodbath! Facebook has wiped out conservative content to American subscribers by the millions.

These days, many of the best freedom fighters have landed where I am or have been wiped out altogether. We stepped off the plantation’s porch, and just like the slave master of old, Facebook is working hard to keep me in line or force me to adopt my slave name, Democrat.

My crime was an offensive meme that violated Facebook’s community standard. “Community standard” is the Facebook catch-all phrase that is used by their censors anytime, anywhere, and for any reason to silence a voice. For instance, my present incarceration is for the same infraction I was nabbed for three weeks ago. That’s called double jeopardy. The Constitution protects Americans from being charged twice for the same crime. That makes Facebook un-American at best, and that should be chilling.

Conservatives proved to be too effective on social media in 2016 and Trump got elected. The left, with the help of tech giants, have made their adjustments. 

Who will bail out free speech?

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